Asset and Background Checks

Pickard & Associates has developed several cost effective asset and background investigation packages. You may view these on our On-Line Service Request Form page. The investigations are conducted by researching records at the specific repositories by our network of investigators as well as researching on-line resources. This research is not conducted by any third party private database provider. Reliance upon third party data providers can be very dangerous as these providers often provide outdated or inaccurate information.

The normal turnaround for these investigations is generally five to seven business days.

The price quotations are for Massachusetts investigations.

Investigations in other states may be higher.

Once our investigation is complete you will be emailed a report of our findings.

In conducting the more extensive investigations our professional investigative staff researches and validates the personal information of the given subject, confirms education and professional licensing, obtains an overview of any commercial interests, assesses the public profile and reputation, and perform an in-depth review of any legal issues. We will also investigate business entities and multiple individuals on your behalf.

For over twenty years our firm has specialized in conducting asset and background investigations of a complex nature. These investigations are often conducted in multiple states and with multiple individuals or entities. For these more complex matters, please send an email from our contact page outlining the nature of your request and we will provide a price quotation and anticipated turn around time in twenty-four hours.

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